Sorry to disappoint, but due to work commitments, Britian’s No.1 creative facilitation service has  had to put their website on hold.  But don’t let that stop you from getting in touch!

So what is deadcatdreaming?

In a nutshell

deadcatdreaming is a creative facilitation service that helps groups of people explore the bigger picture, share ideas and kickstart innovation.

The slightly wordier version

What does deadcatdreaming do?

deadcatdreaming (dcd) helps you consult and connect with the people who matter most to your organisation.  For some this might be your customers, for others it might be collegues or service users.  The ‘dcd difference’ is that those involved are able to ‘see’ that they have been ‘heard’.

Why use deadcatdreaming?

deadcatdreaming unlocks the creativity present within your individuals, organisations and communities; fusing collective knowledge to create real difference.

Often stakeholders already know what is needed; what we take pride in, is enabling them to bring their ideas to life, by helping them communicate not just what they want, but also what they value and consider important within their ideas; giving you the information needed to adapt, improve and grow what you do.

How does deadcatdreaming do this?

deadcatdreaming’s unique methods take groups on a creative journey, from uncertainty and frustration to discovery and integration; where problems are solved, opportunities grasped, knowledge shared and new communities of practice created.

Spontaneously created combinations of graphics and words capture key ideas, stimulating discussion, participation and focus.

dcd’s pioneering approach crosses disciplines and boundaries to deliver big-picture visuals.

This unique service transforms the participatory process into an incredibly memorable and meaningful experience.

To discuss visualising your project:

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