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Hello, welcome to deadcatdreaming

…a team dedicated to taking creative participation and involvement to the next level.

So what do we do? In a nutshell, we are all about helping you consult and connect with those who matter most to your organisation.

Whether it’s your customers, colleagues or service users, we make it easy for groups to come together and communicate their collective insights. The insights that you need to adapt, improve and grow what you do

Harnessing the power of  imagery to create a shared vision, we use your group’s own visual metaphors to unpack meaning and create rich picture understanding.

Typically these images are painted large, so that everyone can literally SEE what is being talked about and know that they have been HEARD.



Limitless possibilities

To keep things simple, we group our services under three main headings; Big Picture, Bigger Picture and Catalyst Cards. They each offer unique benefits designed to meet different needs, but all with the purpose of taking the conversation to the next level.

For a quick insight how it works watch the video or find out more using each of the ‘flipping’ big buttons further down this page.

BIG Picture

BIG Picture

With BIG Picture it’s a deadcatdreaming scribe who captures the groups metaphors, literally drawing out the ideas; enriching understanding and raising collective awareness.
Full of colour, these painted creations avoid becoming illustrated flow charts or collections of buzz words. Instead they act as art should, inspiring contemplation and provoking new insights. At the end of the event the finished artwork is yours to keep, a permanent and evocative reminder of a unique and powerful experience.

Great for:

Conferences | Events | Action Planning

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BIGGER Picture

BIGGER Picture

Transforming your venue into a pop-up art studio this solution has your whole group painting their shared vision side-by-side. Painted large for all to see, these collaborative creations are very much a team effort.
Painted large for all to see, these collaborative creations are very much a team effort. With no previous artistic ability required, your group will leave feeling proud of what they have achieved, on so many levels.Yours to keep, the finished artwork is a permanent and evocative showcase of participation in practice.

Great for:

Consultations | Showcasing | Team-building

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Catalyst Cards are a creative toolkit that make ‘meaning-full’ conversations easy. The distillation of years of running graphically facilitated events, this unique set of image cards unpacks perceptions to arrive at shared understanding and collective agreement. Pocket sized and portable they are engaging and quick to use whilst at the same time rich in potential, enabling performance improvements at group and individual level for all kinds of enterprises whether they are private, public, for profit or non-profit.

Great for:

One-to-One | Group | Community

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A collection of case studies describing what we do and how we do it.

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Enhancing the Experience

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Essential Travel Cards

"I can’t think of any other resource in education that can scale from the primary school classroom to a higher education seminar......and still have the same impact", explains Dr. Brian…


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